Cool Kids Forehead Thermometer


Cool Kids Forehead Thermometer


Cool Kids Forehead Thermometer estimates inner body temperature by measuring the temperature of the forehead.

It is ideal for monitoring temperature trends, since the forehead responds rapidly to changes in internal body temperature.

The Cool Kids Forehead Thermometer is accurate to ± 0.5°C/1°F.

• Read temperature in 15 seconds
• Easy to read
• Continuing monitoring
• Safe and convenient to use
• Ideal for baby and children
• Reusable

It is stored in a box which protects it from direct sunlight, dampness or heat. This will prevent the accuracy being impaired
Storage temperature 5°C to 65°C (41°F to 149°F)
Storage humidity : 15-95%RH
How to use
1. Hold Cool Kids Forehead Thermometer firmly at both ends and press against the dry center of the forehead for at least 15 seconds or until the color of the liquid crystal stops changing.

2. Read the thermometer while the thermometer is still on the forehead. You may need a mirror to read the temperature by yourself if no one can assist you in taking the reading.

Green indicates the correct temperature: if two green stripes show, the temperature will be midway between the two stripes.

   Green : Degree of temperature as indicated.
      Tan : Deduct 0.5°C or 1°F from number shown.
     Blue : Add 0.5°C or 1°F to number shown.
   The number is accurate to ±0.5°C or 1°F

For Best result

1. Before using the thermometer, it is better to lie or sit down for at least 5 minutes.

2. Wait 30 minutes after eating, drinking or exercising before taking the temperature.

3. The thermometer should be used indoors at a normal room temperature of between 20°C and 30°C (68°F-86°F), and do not take the temperature after exposure to very hot or cold conditions.

4. For very young children (under two), the body’s thermal regulating system may still be immature. In these cases, the forehead scale can be very useful to monitor temperature trends during illness episodes. Learn the normal forehead temperature of the members of your family by using Cool Kids Forehead Thermometer when they are well. Note this and keep this record with your thermometer in the plastic box for a handy comparison when you suspect illness.

After use

The usual procedures for sterilization can damage the organic liquid crystals.
The thermometer may be gently washed with soap and water, if necessary.
Do not soak, and do not clean with alcohol.

Size : 1 blister pack, 4 pcs/ display box 
Product Availability : Drugstores throughout Thailand especially Save Drug, Siam Drug,
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