Cold Hot Pack Model CSI-CH-I 450

Cold Hot Pack Model CSI-CH-I 450
Product Information :
• Direct microwavable (*condition as direction to use), comfortable to use, no need to dip
   into water before heating
• Non-toxic medical device grade, soft (gel unchanged) even at -20 oC
• Keep cold or hot temperature lasting for approximately 120 minutes (at room
• Surface made from PVC & Nylon, no seam: feel smooth, soft touch as cloth, and easy
  to clean
• Contains soft towel with elastic band and a plastic bag to keep in refrigerator for
  protecting from smell

• FDA, TUV and CE approved

Size 13.5 x 28 cm., Weight 450 g.
The Cold Hot Pack is specially designed for comfortable and convenient application of heat or cold to painful areas of the body. It is necessary as a first-aid for every family. This product is made up of high polymeric compound and diversified biological elements. It has already passed the test and was proved that there is no side effect to human body. The scientific prescription makes the bag elastic and it can remain soft for a long time in the minus 20 Celsius degrees environment.
• It can be bent arbitrarily according to the applied place when it is used, press close to the joints and muscles to make the treatment more
• It can adapt unlimited times of alternately cold or hot use after pre-cooling or pre-heating treatments.
• It is reusable, non-toxic and non-caustic
Indications :
Cold compress : Its cold compress function can make the surface of human body cold and contract blood vessels, reduce the release of pain-causing substance so as to control and relieve the symptoms. To help reduce acute inflammation, painful, swelling and cool down a temperature include the following: headache, fever, toothache, sunstroke, scald, muscle scuffing, sprain, trauma haemostasis, minor burns, sport injuries, nose bleeding, post-op, beauty and refreshing, etc.
Hot compress : Its hot compress function can increase the temperature of the surface of human body and expand blood vessels, increase the blood flow, ameliorate body microcirculation, therefore attain the goal of relieving the symptoms and speeding up the recovery. To reduce spasticity. Reduce muscle pain and swelling, increase blood circulation and elasticity of the tissues symptoms include the following: arthritis, rheumatism, menorrhalgia, stomach trouble, cervical vertebra trouble, sciatica, and strain of lumbar muscles, sty, bruising, etc.
Direction to use :
Cold application :
• Pack in plastic envelope or plastic box. Can be stored in the freezer or ice bag. Requires a minimum of 120 minutes in freezer to attain
  maximum coldness.
• Wrap in the towel or the towel bag before applying to affected area.
• Leave the cold pack on for 15-20 minutes. Repeat every 60-90 minutes as needed. Consult physician regarding extended use.
Hot application :
There are  2 methods :
1st Method : Hot Water Method
• Boil approximately 4-5 litres of water
• Pour boiling water into the container
• Immerse the pack in the container for approximately 5-7 minutes
• Remove the pack from water
• Always insert the cold hot pack into the towel cover provided, use not over 20 minutes at a time
2nd Method : Microwave Method
Microwave expose on medium (equivalent to 400 watt) 
• Before you begin, flatten the pack and ensure the gel is evenly distributed.
• If the pack is at room temperature, microwave expose on medium (equivalent to 400 watt) for 1 minute. If more heat is necessary, try a further 10 seconds at a time, until it reaches the heat required.
• Always insert the cold hot pack into the towel cover provided before use, use not over 20 minutes at a time.
If the power (watt) of microwave is not known, heat it by putting the product in a bowl full of water and heat for 2 minutes. If more heat is needed, try a further 10seconds at a time

Type of use

Temperature’s source

Time need for adjusting required temperature (Minutes)

Required temperature 
(Unit : °C)

Cold application

Refrigerator : Freezer (1-4°C)



Ice bag (5-14°C)



Hot application

Microwave expose on medium (equivalent to 400 watt)

flatten the pack 
and ensure the gel is evenly distributed.



Hot water

(80-90°C) immerse the pack in water.



Note: Color can be separated
Cool Tip :  buy 2 packs to have cold/hot application prompt at all time you need
Cold compress : Skin anesthesia, Hypersensitivity to cold, Open wound
Hot compress  : Non-cooperative patients, Cancer or Tuberculosis, Pregnant women, Peripheral vascular disease e.g. varicose vein, phlebitis 
Use under physicians or physiotherapist advice. It may cause irritation to the skin if patient contact the gel that leaked from the device. Children or incompetent person should be use under adult care. For external use only Cold compress: It may freeze skin tissue until tissue damage or tissue dead if use improper temperature or improper long term use Hot compress: It may cause skin burn if use improper temperature or improper long-term use. Do not heat the device with high temperature, it may cause gel leaked or package damage. Do not leave child using the gel pack alone.
Cold compress : Impaired circulation e.g. arteriosclerosis, Raynaud’s syndrome
Hot compress : Open wound or skin infection or bleeding, Genitals area, Do not compress hot gel several areas in the same time it may cause low blood pressure and faint after using, Thrombophlebitis.
Pack size : 1 piece of the cold hot pack, a soft cotton cloth bag with elastic band and plastic bag /box
Product availability : Drugstores throughout Thailand especially eXta Plus in 7-11, Save Drug, Med Care D-Chain, Siam Drug, Healthy Max, Health Plus, Safe & Save, Health Up, Tsuruha, P&F, Fascino and Bangkok Drug Store