Finale pinknipple Cream

Product Information:  Specially formulated from high quality natural herbal extracts

Finale pinknipple cream conditions the nipples, leaving them pink and fresh. With a mixture of natural herbal extracts, it helps lighten dark spots while removing dead skin cells and reveals new, pinker skin gradually within 4 weeks. Multivitamins, Squalene and Allantoin are added to make your skin even more smooth and supple. Nanomolecules help penetrate effectively. It can be used for a long time, and nipples will not turn darker than before if discontinued.


Finale pinknipple cream can help prevent and repair cracked sore nipples.


Tamarind Extract, Emblic Extract, Pomegranate extract, Perilla extract, Aloe vera extract, Lactic acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, VitaminE, Vitamin F, Squalene, Allantoin

Tube of 30 g.
GMP manufacturer

Available throughout drugstores, supermarkets and department stores in Thailand especially Save Drug, The Mall, Health Plus, Safe & Save, Konvy, Tops, Fasino, Boots, P&F

Also available in Cambodia, Kuwait, Jordan, Singapore