Soft, Smooth, Deep Moisture

Product Information :
Cool Kids Lip Essences contains cocoa butter, rice bran oil, and antioxidant-rich vitamin. It incredibly helps nourish and rejuvenate your lip. With a soft gel texture, it locks in moisture and provides hydration to the lip. Your lip will be softer, smoother, and have long-lasting moisture.
Properties :
• Protects and soothes the lips to be soft and moist. not to dry and flaky.
• Ingredients from natural herbal extracts.
• Gentle on the skin, suitable for children's skin.
• Free from colorants and parabens.
• Produced by GMP
quality manufacturer.
Directions : Place the tip of the applicator on a lip and squeeze a desired amount over the enter lip area. Apply evenly on the lips every day or as many times as needed.
Active Ingredients :
- Shea Butter
Rich in fatty acids similar to oils in the skin structure. Absorbs into the skin well. Can dissolve and absorb into the skin immediately. Give a light touch, not shiny, add moisture. And maintain the water balance of the skin. Keep the skin moisturized for a long time with natural vitamins A, E, helping fight free radicals to make the skin smooth and soft. The trenches look faded.

Cocoa Butter It is a natural fat from cocoa beans. Rich in fatty acids, vitamin E, and proteins. It helps nourish the skin to be moisturized, soft, smooth, healthy, especially dry, sensitive, and sensitive skin as it is quickly and easily absorbed into the inner skin, thus helping to retain moisture for the skin. Reduces dryness and wrinkles. Helps to soften scars.

-Makigreen Velvet Wax
Contains 100% natural wax, including Vegetable (olus) oil, Oryza sativa (rice) bran oil, Oryza sativa (rice) bran wax, Rhus succedanea fruit wax, Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) seed wax and Tocopherol, Ascopherol, Ascoratebyl, nourishes PAL.
Keep your skin moisturized, soft, smooth, healthy.
Packing size : 7 g / tube

Product Availability : Drugstores throughout Thailand