Smart Me Cream

Can Smart Me Cream use with the condom?

Yes, it will not make the condom leak. If you require the full papers of testing by Medical Science department, please provide your e-mail to us.


Does Smart Me Cream safe?

Smart Me Cream has been used in Doctor’s clinic for a long time, so far there is no harmful report. It is the natural herbal extract, and then you can trust in its safety.


When I see the effective result, can I stop using the cream?

If you feel satisfy with the result, you can adjust the dose to be lower / lower the frequency of applying cream or stop it for a while.


Does Smart Me Cream have dangerous effect with the woman?

Smart Me Cream has the local effect. It will not harm woman even you have oral sex.


Can I have sex immediately after use Smart Me Cream?

For effective result, use Smart Me Cream 15 minutes before having sex so that the cream will absorb, do not wash out.


How frequent can I apply Smart Me Cream?

Use before sex about 15 minutes and use as routine daily 2 times /day You may feel the improvement after 1week (depends on personnel health condition)


Which part I should apply Smart Me Cream to and how much?

Apply about 1 inch to the whole penis, left out the glans. (you may feel warm if apply to the tip but there is no dangerous)


Who should use Smart Me Cream?

Smart Me Cream is suitable for all gentlemen who wish to maintain their sex’s health whether he has the Erectile dysfunction or not.