Accufast covid-19 test kit

Accufast covid-19 test kit
Screening for SARS-CoV-2 infection by self-examination for antigens.
Using with Specimens: Anterior nasal secretions (Home Use Nasal Swab)

Feature :
- Accuracy

Sensitivity 97.6 %
Specificity 100 %


Contains: 1 set/box for hygiene purposes, help prevent the spread of infection due to distributing many tests to other persons.
- The box is convenient to use; a test tube stand is located at the back.
- can read the results within 20 minutes.
- Easy to store at temperature 4-30 degrees.
- Certified by the Thai FDA No. 66
- Passed quality tests from medical school labs in Thailand

Product Information :

- Used for testing for COVID-19 Antigen self-determination form using anterior nasal secretions.
- Used for initial screening only. The results must be confirmed by real-time RT-PCR.
- In the case of a small number of infections. This test may produce negative results.
- Applicable to patients with symptoms that are compatible with COVID-19 infection.
- The result of this test is a test for the COVID-19 antigen.

How to use :

1. Tear the swab sachet and remove it from the bag.
2. Raise your head slightly. Insert the swab approximately 1 inch deep into the nose.
3. Rotate the swab about 5 times around the front nasal cavity or about 15 seconds
4. Remove the swab from the nose.
5. Open the test tube cap.
6. Dip the swab in the test solution and turn it about 5 turns.
7. Squeeze the end of the tube to the end of the swab to twist out the substances.
8. Remove the swab from the tube and close the tube tightly.
9. Tap the tube lightly to mix the ingredients.
10. Place 2 drops into the holes of the test cassette by dropping straight, perpendicular to the pits.

How to interpret the results :










Advices :

1. Read all instructions before testing. Let the solution and sample rest at room temperature for 30 minutes before adjusting to room temperature. Do not open the package until ready to test. The test should be performed as soon as possible, immediately after the package has been opened.
2. Tear off the envelope and place the test kit on a flat surface.
3. Drop 2 drops of the sample solution vertically into the well of the test cassette, observe the test results in 20 minutes. The test kit shows clinically significant test results within 20 minutes.

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Selling price : 99 baht/set


Available stores : Drugstores nationwide