Finale Whitening Cream

When I use to the groin area and will have sex, do I have to wash out first?

There is no need to wash out.


How safe is Finale Whitening Cream?

Finale Whitening Cream manufactured from the GMP manufacturer, raw material has been selected and test with HPLC, so you can trust in purity and safety.


Can Finale Whitening Cream use with Roll –on?

Yes, apply finale whitening first and then apply the roll-on or use finale whitening alone, it can help reduce the smell.


How is the Finale Whitening Cream when compare with whitening Roll-on?

Normally Roll-on contains the antiperspirant ingredients for reducing sweat and bacteria eg. The salt of Aluminium group, Serconium salts such as Aluminum chlorhydrate, Triclosan. These will have effect on the PH of the armpit, then the alteration of PH will make the skin irritate, hence the skin will turn dark. Then if your purpose is to only make the armpit whiter, using the whitening roll on will make it darker, and normally whitening in roll-on do not have enough concentration on whitening ingredients, it tends to make the armpit darker


When I see the result, can I stop using it ?

Finale Whitening Cream, like all the nourishing cream, it has to continue to use regularly for the smooth and bright skin. When stop using, the skin will gradually become as previously before use but will not turn darker.


When I continue using for a long time, will it make the skin darker?

Finale Whitening Cream contains no hydroquinone or mercury or bleaching agent Then you can continue using confidentially for a long time,it will not turn the skin darker.


How long does it take to see the result?

The natural herbal extract in Finale Whitening Cream will make the skin brighter and whiter naturally, gradually within 4 weeks, it will also make your skin smooth and supple