Cool Kids Facial Cleansing Gel

How to choose the right facial cleansing product?

Soaps contain ingredients that can make the skin dry. Optimum pH of cleansing gel is essential for kids, it will help protect against germs.
Pediatricians say it will be safe using a cleanser made specifically for kids that contains no soap ,alkali free, not contain SLS –SLES and hypoallergenic.


Why should I use specifically formulated products for kids?

Kids have different skin care needs than adult because their skin is immature (more delicate, sensitive, thinner and more permeable). Products adapted to the needs of children's skin will ensure both the comfort and strength of child's skin as it grows and develops. Cool Kids Facial Cleansing gel pH 5.5 prides itself on a long history of development of products for the unique needs of both normal skin and skin with atopic tendencies.


Does the Cool Kids Facial Cleansing gel pH 5.5 contain parabens?

Cool Kids Facial Cleansing gel pH 5.5 do NOT contain parabens. These products are meant to be used on only delicated skin. Parabens, as well as coloring, Lanolin, soap alkali , SLS and SLES, have been left out of the formula.
What age is appropiate for a kid to use this product?

The product will benefit a kid from approximately 3 years up until adolescent . Three years old is the age of getting to school,they have more activities, and get dirt and sweat. Plain water can not take away those dirt and sweat . You will see your kids have rash or ringworm in their faces. It is this time that you need a gentle facial washing for kids to help clean their face thoroughly.

Normally I use plain water to wash my kids’ face, what benefit when I use Cool kids facial cleansing gel?

Dust and sweat can not be wiped off by only plain water. The dirt can be accumulated on the face, can cause papule, rash ,tinea, ringworm by using only plain water to wash the face.
I used my facial foam to wash my kids' face ,is it too strong?

Yes, the soap will be too alkaline and the facial cleanser of adult may be too strong for children. It will make the delicate skin weaker and prone to infections.
Can I use Cool kids facial cleansing gel to remove cosmetics?

Cool kids facial cleansing gel is not strong enough to clean cosmetics but it is a perfect choice if you use the cosmetic cleanser first and follow by Cool kids facial cleansing gel.
What are the benefits of pH 5.5?

This pH is the pH of the skin (range of normal pH of skin is 5.2-5.7), then, it will balance with the natural pH of the skin

and with this pH, it will rarely cause irritation.