Finale Intensify Serum

Can I use during menstruation period?

It is not recommended to use during menstruation period and pregnancy period.


What is the correct instruction?

Use 2 times daily . Squeeze dropper and put the dropper into the serum. Release your finger from the dropper to withdraw the serum from the bottle about 1 cm.high or 5 drops. Insert the filled dropper into the vagina and squeeze the dropper to let the serum in. Take the dropper out while the finger is still squeezing. Hold and squeeze the vagina muscle for a while to let the serum stay in as long as you can and you can sleep without washing.

Note: the dropper can be cleaned with plain water, leave it dry and put back to the bottle


What is the result after use?

Finale Intensify Serum contains protein molecule, physically contract the surrounded skin, hence you will feel tighter

  • Restore vagina suppleness
  • Protective function from inflammation, allergic and irritation
  • Anti-microbial function 
  • Dispel unpleasant odor 
  • pH 5.5 balance to the vagina skin
  • Help overcoming vagina dryness and make it more lubricated
  • Surfactant free, not sticky
  • Safe to use for a continued period 
  • Safe to use for a continued period


If I use Finale Intensify Serum routinely, will it destroy my normal flora?

Finale Intensify Serum has a mild acid properties, the pH is equal to the skin
It will not destroy your normal flora but can prevent bad odor and invaded outside microorganism



How long will I see the result?

Some woman and her partner can feel the result after first time use but mostly about 1-2 weeks after continue use for 1-2 times daily


Can Finale Intensify Serum be used and have sex after use?

Finale Intensify Serum can be used before sex, to get the benefit, it should be used 20 minutes before sex. There is no need to wash out before sex. The result of tightening does not happen after first time for some person but you will feel your skin is softening and moisturizing, it can reduce irritation.


How long can a bottle use?

Finale Intensify Serum 10 ml. used 1-2 times daily can be used for 3- 4 weeks