Cool Kids Soothing Gel

Cool Kids Soothing Gel
Fade away the scar for your kids
Product Information :
Special formulation of natural enriched extracts are carefully blended for delicate skin. The product helps to fade the scar. It helps to soothe the skin naturally and also acts as a good moisturizing gel. It can be applied to face/body for both children and adult
Properties :
• Natural Soothing the bitten area
• Reducing scar and dark spots
• Herbal extracts
• Suitable for all skin types, even delicate skin
• No paraben
Ingredients :

Active ingredients Functions


Allium Cepa Root

Onion extract has been found to have antiinflammatory and antibacterial properties and regulate the formation of collagen. Anti histamine and scar healing enhancement.


Centella Asiatica

Antioxidant, Hyperpigmentation of the skin Reduce swelling, strengthen collagen and elastin repair of worn skin cells to help heal wounds and reduce inflammation, Inhibitory cheloid  processes.


Laminaria Digitata

Rich in Polysacharide and mineral, stimulates Collagen production and smooth skin reconstruction.


Phyllanthus Emblica

Rich in natural Vitamin C and  Polyphenol Anti-oxidants Inhibiting tyroxines enzyme (dark skin pigment producing enzyme) and Collagenase (collagen-destroying enzymes) that help protect the skin from decay. Help slow the inflammatory hyperpigmentation.



Allantoin has emollient properties that help skin retain moisture, and it reduces skin irritation from a variety of causes. Because it’s a keratolytic, it can improve skin texture, making it feel smoother and reflect light better. It may also be beneficial for treating some skin conditions including psoriasis and eczema.


Aloe vera Extract

The aloe vera extract moisturizes the skin. It enhances the appearance of dry or damaged skin by reducing flaking and restoring suppleness. This extract removes the wrinkles and gives the skin a healthier and younger look. It is a large resource of Vitamin E which a part of the nutrients we provide healthy skin.



Lecithin also helps fight dry and damaged skin, working effectively as a moisturizer. It can even help to treat conditions such as eczema.


Menthol and Sorbitol

Menthol can reduce redness and increase circulation to invigorate dull, tired complexions and  acts as an anti-irritant and leaves your skin feeling tingly and cool., Sorbitol acts as a humectant in personal care products by drawing water from the environment to the surface of the skin.


Sodium Hyaluronate

Effectively binds to water under both high and low humidity. This plumps the skin and temporarily gives the reduced appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and provides a barrier of protection for the skin.
Direction : Apply the gel to affected areas on face / body

GMP Manufacturer

Tube of 5 g, 9 g

Product available : Drugstores throughout Thailand esp. : eXta Plus in 7-11, Boots, Healthy Max, MedCare D-Chain, Health Up, Tops, SPAR, MUSUME, Siam Drug, Save Drug, 108 shop, Konvy, Lazada, Fasino, Jiffy
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