Cool kids Soft Cooling Gel Pillow

Cool kids Soft Cooling Gel Pillow
Product Information :
• The pillow helps dispersing your body heat, keeps cool during sleep and make fresher waking up.
• Soft gel texture. Will not freeze in the freezer (temperature -20oC).
• Soft gel pillows contour with your neck and head.
• Can be reused by freezing in the freezer again.
Usage : Support cool sleep
Directions to use :
• Put in the freezer about 8 hours before using.
• Wrap the pillow with a soft cloth or pillowcase to keep the right temperature.
• Pillows will cool for approximately 4-6 hours (depending on the room temperature in each location).
Cautions :
• This product is not a medical device.
• Close supervision needed when used in little children.
• Do not eat.
• Do not expose to heat or put the pillow under direct sunlight.
• Be careful not to drop or bump because the pillow will break. Do not use if the product is damaged.
• If not in use, store in the freezer or in a cool place.
Packing 1 piece, weight 850 grams
Product availability : Drugstores throughout Thailand