NanoMed Digital Thermometer


NanoMed Digital Thermometer

Product Information:

The Nanomed Digital Thermometer  for medical use measures human body temperature quickly and accurately. Please study the following instructions before use.


The quality of the Digital Thermometer has been examined and approved. It complies with EC council directive 93/42/EEC (Medical device directive) Index I which lists the minimum requirement and related technical standard applied in EN 12470-3:2000+ A1 : 2009,  ASTM E1112-00 (Re approval 2011)  and manufacturing with  EN ISO9001: 2008 and EN ISO 13485 : 2012/ AC : 2012.

Features :                                                                                                                                                                                        

• Flexible measurement tip
• Warning sound when the device is ready for use and when the measurement is complete
• ½ minute measurement time
• Auto power off and energy saving device
• Records last temperature measurement
• Measures temperature orally, axillary, or rectally



1. Press the On/Off  Button next to LCD display. A tone will sound as the screen shows  188.8 E, M  followed by last recorded temperature.
    After showing the self-test temperature, the thermometer is now in the testing mode.

*Note : If the measured temperature is less than 32°C or 90°F, the LCD will display Lo,
            if the measured temperature is higher than 42.9°C or 109.9°F , the LCD will display Hi.

2. Position thermometer in desired location (mouth, rectum, or armpit)

Position thermometer

 How to use

Normal temperature

 Oral use

- Place thermometer under tongue as indicated by “  ” position shown in Figure 2. Close your mouth and breathe evenly through the nose to prevent the measurement from being influenced by inhaled/exhaled air


35.7°C - 37.3°C
(96.3°F - 99.1°F)

 Armpit use

- Wipe armpit dry.  Place probe in armpit and keep arm pressed firmly at side for 30 seconds.
From a medical viewpoint, this method will always provide inaccurate readings, and should not be used if precise measurements are required.

35.2°C - 36.7°C
(95.4°F - 98.1°F)

 Rectal use

- Lubricate silver probe tip with petroleum jelly for easy insertion.
- Gently insert sensor approximately 1 cm. (less than ½”)  into rectum.

36.2°C - 37.7°C
(97.2°F - 99.9°F)

3. The degree sign flashes throughout the testing process. When flashing stops an alarm will beep for approximately 10 seconds. The measured reading will appear on the LCD simultaneously. The minimum measurement time until the signaling tone (beep) must be maintained without exception. The measurement continues even after the buzzer notification. The displayed temperature will not change when thermometer is removed from its testing position.

*Note : Normally the buzzes are “ Bi-Bi-Bi- Bi-” ; Alarm beeps more rapidly when temperature reaches 37.8°C(100°F) or higher, and the buzzes are “ Bi-Bi-Bi-----Bi-Bi-Bi-----Bi-Bi-Bi”

4. To prolong battery life, press the On/Off Button to turn unit off after testing is complete. If no action is taken, the unit will automatically shut off after around 10 minutes.
5. Store the thermometer in its protective case.

1. Replace battery when appears in the lower right corner of LCD display.
2. Pull battery cover off as show in Figure 3.
3. Gently pull out plastic circuit board with battery chamber approximately 1 cm. (slightly less than 1/2''.) (See Figure 4)
4. Use pointed object such as a pen to remove old battery. Discard battery lawfully. Replace with new 1.5 V DC button type LR41 or SR41, UCC392, or equivalent. Be sure battery is installed with “+” polarity facing up. (See Figure 5)
5.Slide battery chamber back into place and attach cover.


- Wipe the thermometer with a soft clean cloth. For stubborn stains, wipe the thermometer with a cloth that has been dampened with water or a neutral detergent solution and then wring thoroughly. Finish by wiping with a soft dry cloth.
- Observe the following to prevent damage to the thermometer.
- Do not use benzene, thinner, gasoline or other strong solvents to clean the thermometer.
- Do not soak the sensing section in alcohol for long periods of time or attempt to sterilize it using hot water (water at a temperature of 50°C (122°F ) or higher).
- Do not use ultrasonic washing to clean the thermometer.

Temperature readings are available in the Fahrenheit or Celsius scale  (°C /° F ; located in the upper right corner of LCD). With the unit off, press and hold the On/Off  Button for approximately 4 seconds to change the current setting.

*The performance of the device may be degraded should one or more of the following occur :
- Operation outside the manufacturer’s stated temperature and humidity range.
- Storage outside the manufacturer’s stated temperature and humidity range.
- Mechanical shock (for example, drop test).
- Patient temperature is below ambient temperature

  *Portable and mobile RF communications such as microwave ovens and cell phones, which generate strong electrical or electromagnetic fields, near the device, as they may become interference source to the device.
SYMBOL EXPLANATION                                                                                                   

                                               ___     ____    ____

Direct Current

Batch code


Type BF Applied  Part 



    Caution, consult accompanying documents    


Type  :

Digital Thermometer (Not  Predictive)

Range :

32°C - 42.9°C (90.0°F – 109.9°F)  (°C /°F chosen by manufacturer)

Accuracy :

+  0.1°C, 35.5°C-42.0°C (+ 0.2°F , 95.9°F- 107.6°F)

+ 0.2°C  under  35.5°C or over 42.0°C
(+0.4°F  under 95.9°F or over 107.6°F)  

at ambient temperature 18°C to 28°C  (64.4°F to  82.4°F)

Display :

Liquid crystal display 3 ½ digits

Memory  :

For storing the last measured value

Battery  :

One 1.5 V DC. Button battery  (size LR41 or SR41, UCC 392)

Battery life:  

Approx. 200 hours

Dimension :

12.4 cm. x 2.4 cm. x 1.2 cm. (L x W x H)  

Weight  :

Approx. 12 grams including battery

Using environment  :

Temperature : 5°C ~  40°C  (41°F ~ 104°F)
Relative humidity:  15%  ~ 95% RH

Storage and transportation Condition : 

Temperature :  -20°C ~ 55°C  (-4°F ~  131°F)
Relative humidity:  15%  ~  95% RH

Ingress Protection Rating :


Classification :  

Type BF 


• Study the instructions carefully before use
• Do not leave the thermometer with children without adult supervision as battery cover and battery can be swallowed.
• Do not use the thermometer to measure temperature by ear as it is designed to use orally, axillary and rectally
• Keep battery away from external heat as it may explode
• Covering the tip of the thermometer might affect the accuracy of measurement, result in having over 0.1°C (0.2°F) from correct result
• Thoroughly check the thermometer every 2 years
• Remove battery if thermometer is not in use for a long period
• Do not use this device for any medical diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. Results are for reference only. Please contact physician or health expert if advice is needed.
• Make sure that the thermometer is dry before use to prevent inaccurate readings.
• Do not bend or drop the thermometer as it can be broken
• Do not attempt to fix the thermometer yourself as it might affect the accuracy of the measurement.
• Clean the thermometer after each use, especially when used by more than 1 person consecutively.
• Do not forcefully push the tip of the thermometer used for temperature measurement inside the rectum as it might cause injury.
• Do not use the thermometer orally after it is used rectally.
• Children aged 2 or below should not have their temperature measured orally with this device.


Disposal of this product and used batteries should be carried out in accordance with the national regulations for the disposal of electronic products.
Size : 1’s Thermometer
Product Availability : Drugstores throughout Thailand