Cool Kids fever down patch

Product Information: Plaster gel for fever

It is gentle to the skin and has strong adhesion. The menthol aroma contains natural, non-drug ingredients which are suspended in a hydrogel. It is safe to use with other medications. It soothes fever instantly. The cooling effect can last up to 8 hours*.

Directions for use and storage:
Remove one pad from the pouch. Peel off the protective film and attach the adhesive side on the skin.
For strong adhesion, clean and dry the skin prior to use. Avoid applying on hairy skin.
Use Cool Kids promptly after opening. Use the sheets only once for efficacy and hygiene.
Store unused pads in the pouch to prevent drying. Reseal the pouch by tightly folding the opening twice along the dotted lines.
Keep the pouch in a cool and dry place. For a better cooling effect, the pouch can be stored in a refrigerator. Do not store in a freezer.
Cool Kids may be cut to the desired size with a pair of scissors.

Children should apply the product only under an adult’s supervision. Ensure that the child does not place Cool Kids in the mouth or over the mouth and nose.
For external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes, or skin with wounds and rashes. Discontinue use immediately if skin sensitivity or irritation occurs.
This product is drug free. Consult a physician immediately if fever persists.

Size: 3x2's

Product availability: drugstores throughout Thailand especially  eXta Plus in 7-11, Boots, Safe & Save, Healthy Max, Save Drug, Med Care D-Chain, 108 shop, Family Mart, Siam Drug, Health Up, Konvy, Lazada, ร้านยากรุงเทพ, MUSUME, SPAR, Fasino