NanoDerm Plus

NanoDerm Plus
Sterile, Waterproof, Transparent and Breathable with a non-adhesive pad
Product Information :
The sterilized waterproof film protects the wound from bacteria and dirt. It is a highly breathable waterproof film. It also aids in the prevention of environment contamination. It has a highly absorbent non-adhesive pad. It is easy to use and peel off.
Indications : Ideal for use on the wounds with low or moderate levels of exudates, including post-operative wounds.
Direction to use :
• Wash your hands. Gently clean the wound and surroundings.
• Remove the dressing from the pouch.
• Remove the backing paper while handling it carefully.
• Do not touch the side that will stick to your skin.
• Place the dressing over the wound by placing the absorbed pad in the middle of the wound and press down tightly.

For clinically infected wounds or pressure sores, the film should be used under medical advice.
Sterility is not guaranteed if the pack is opened or damaged.
The sterilized pack should be opened only before use.

Pack size :  6 x 7 cm., 5 pieces / box
Product availability : Drugstores throughout Thailand