Nanomed Carbon Face mask

1. What is the advantage of carbon face mask?
Ans : Nanomed Carbon Face mask have Activated Carbon layer. It helps filter odour, smoke and pollution.

2. Can the carbon face mask reuse?

Ans : For single use only

3. What is the right way to wear carbon facemask?

Ans : Turn the darker side of the mask outward and the plastic wire should be on the upper side.

4. Who should wear carbon face mask?

Ans :
- People who are living in the crowded city.
- Congestion place.
- Or general purpose because Carbon filter can reduce odours effectively

5. What is in the carbon face mask?

Ans : Carbon face mask is non-irritating to the skin because it made from Polypropylene, has a soft-touch and make you feel comfortable. It is latex free, fiberglass free.