Bio-Rezipe Oryzanol Rice Bran Oil, Rice Germ Oil with CoenzymeQ10

Choosing Rice Bran Oil(RBO) provides the maximum benefits because

a. Organic farming methods are used to grow rice without the use of chemicals.

b. Non-heating methods, with cold pressing, are used in the extraction process.

c. Ingredients are encapsulated in soft gel to reduce any odour and to prevent leakage.


Rice Bran Oil(RBO) is clean:

The oil in the capsule is clear, without any suspended solids or turbidity.


Will Rice Bran Oil(RBO) increase the level of blood sugar in a person with diabetes?

Chromium (Cr) is an ingredient in Rice Bran Oil. It can be absorbed into blood vessels and attaches to cells. Chromium enhances the stability of the insulin hormone and increases its efficacy. For a patient with diabetes, RBO intake eases the control process of the blood sugar level.


What is the impact of Rice Bran Oil(RBO) on a patient with hyperlipidemia?

RBO helps to reduce lipids in blood vessels by interrupting the absorption mechanism of cholesterol in the intestine. The chemical structure of cholesterol is similar to Phytosterol, an ingredient in RBO. Phytosterol interferes with cholesterol absorption into micelles. Cholesterol, therefore, cannot be transferred to the body. Moreover, RBO helps to eliminate uricocholia and reduces cholesterol in the blood and liver.


For person with high blood pressure, there is no negative effect.

a. Linoleic acid in RBO transforms prostaglandin into hormones to reduce blood clots in blood vessels. If blood platelets or thrombocytes begin to accumulate in blood vessels, this hormone can reduce the attachment process and dissolute the clots. Gradually, blood pressure is decreased and the heart function becomes balanced.

b.   Vitamin E in alpha-tocopheral and tri-ethanol helps to decrease blood clots and result is lower blood pressure. Blood circulation is improved. Good blood circulation can prevent varicose veins, dissolve cholesterol in the pituitary gland and the adrenal gland to balance the hormone system. It also, reduces norepinephrine hormone secretion to loosen up blood vessels, and increases kinin hormone secretion to ease vascular tension, and reduce the production of the renin hormone that causes vascular contract.